Tuesday, November 24, 2009

On Being Thankful.

I love Thanksgiving. I think it is the perfect stepping stone towards Christmas, giving us a moment's pause before the crash of holiday activity, to stop and remember the things for which we are thankful. Whether big things or small. And, in a way, it prepares our minds and attitudes for the right way in which to approach Christmas. 

Humbly. You know?

So, here's to being thankful. And here is my list:


* My husband

* Almost out of the first trimester, all is looking well

* A gooey, snuggly, giggly Cub, whom we cannot imagine our lives without

* Food to eat on Thanksgiving

* A roof over our heads

* The fact that the Thanksgiving feast includes mashed potatoes, gravy, turkey, and stuffing, all of which are mellow on a pregnant girl's tummy!

* A church where we are involved in worship, small group ministry, and I'm in women's ministry, and we love it all and learn from it and grow from it

* Family. Family family family.

* Dear friends. Friends friends friends.

* Two cars that are paid for and that run

What's on YOUR list?

Happy Thanksgiving, friends. I'll see  you on the flip side.


  1. Love, love, love these lists! I'm going to do an "overall thankful" GIST this week sometime. Just need to find the time (and energy) to sit down and focus on it.

  2. we have very similar lists! except, we have our little squirrel (instead of Cub) and I'm just entering the second trimester (and still waiting for my energy to return). :) have a great Thanksgiving, friend!

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