Friday, November 6, 2009

I Didn't Even Try To Make Him Nauseous.

Tonight as Josh stood in the kitchen, I lumbered in and asked him if he wanted to know how I felt. He said Yes, sure, why not. So, I walked behind him, draped my arms on his shoulders, and let myself hang behind him with dead weight. He started laughing and tried moving away, but I stayed put. See, isn't this fun? I asked him. Now try to imagine chasing a baby around, cooking dinner, doing laundry, AND tossing your cookies!

He appreciated the tangible example.

Sometimes the word "tired" just doesn't cut it.


  1. "AMEN!" to that last sentence...there's just no way to describe it!

  2. That is the perfect example of those first few months! Hang in there, it gets better!!!

  3. Great analogy! I had this panic moment at work the other day when I was feeling that tired and realized that I just might feel tired for the next 18 years!