Sunday, October 25, 2009


Well, folks, we are in full-blown teething mode here at our casa. I don't exactly have a lot of experience with this baby-teething thing, as Cub was 10 months old before his first toofer poked through.  And now he's working on number three.

Yes, three. My son, who recently turned one, only has two teeth thus far.

Of course, everyone tells us that his teeth will be nice and healthy, since they are taking so long to poke through. I think they are saying that to be nice, rather than saying, "Oh wow, you have to go through teething and the beginnings of toddlerhood at the SAME TIME??" I prefer the former rather than the latter. Thank you, friends. We better have some BEAUTIFUL TEETH on the way.

But, as is par for le Cub, I didn't actually notice that he was teething until today. A few nights ago he began to randomly cry out in his sleep, which is usually an indication of something, be it illness or poopy diaper or the like. Then the drool kind of started a few days ago, but today I noticed LOTS of drool AND a (clear) runny nose. So, just as a precaution, I rubbed my finger along his top gum and sure enough, that top tooth is trying to push through! I remember when Cub was four months old, rubbing his gums, thinking I felt a bump. Surely I felt a bump. Surely teeth were coming. Wait, what does a bump feel like? Is that a bump? Or do normal gums just feel that way?? Apparently, I was feeling nothing but baby gums, but even now I cannot say for sure that I know what a tooth bump feels like. A little swollen, perhaps. 

Anyway. There is a tooth coming. 

I don't exactly remember Cub's symptoms with his first two teeth. The Pediatrician checked him out one day on a routine check-up and tapped his tongue depressor against Cub's bottom gums and it made a clicking sound. Like the depressor was hitting something hard. Like the top of teeth. I stared at The Pediatrician, wide-eyed, feeling like Ultimate Failure Mom for not knowing he had sprouted his first two teeth, but, he didn't behave any differently and the teeth weren't really visible yet, so how was I to know? I do not routinely tap Cub's mouth with a tongue depressor, so I was, apparently, oblivious to the two new teeth. But, they were there!

And now the third one is coming. I'm curious to see what this teething adventure will be like for the Cub. So far it has meant a lot of drool and clear snot. He went down for bed just fine, but he wanted Mr. Lion right there with him. I gave him some Tylenol and so far, so good. 

I'm still crossing my fingers, though.

And trying to imagine what my little Cub will look like with a mouth full of teeth. 

Probably very much like a big boy and not so much like my little baby Cub. Sigh. Here we go!


  1. parker is almost 7 months and still has no teeth (and no bumps--i don't think :)). yay for late teethers and healthy teeth ;)

  2. What a little man he is becoming with three teeth now! I say give him some dried rabbit brains...that's what we plan to do. ;)

  3. AHHHHHHHH! I honestly dread Levi getting teeth for the very reason you described. I feel like he won't be a BABY anymore! :( (Though he will actually be my baby til he's 97).

    Poor little Caleb. I've heard it said, "if you can make it through teething, you can make it through anything."

    Ummm...I like to pretend it won't be that bad. :)

  4. Sophia didn't get her first 2 teeth until 10 months, then she started getting them all at once. At 15 months, she now has 13 teeth. The first were bad, then the rest were cake until she got her 1 year molars. All 4 at the same time! Poor kid. It was awful.

    I hope he's a good teether for you (and him!).

  5. Ty didn't have teeth until 11 months - no cavities still.
    Ashlee's first tooth 10 1/2 months - she might have one filling, but I don't think so.
    Late teeth usually equal healthy teeth.
    Doesn't make teething any easier when they come later.