Friday, October 16, 2009

Savory Sweets.

Tonight before we left her house, my mother-in-law graciously stocked my husband and I with pumpkin cookies. She makes the BEST pumpkin cookies. Seriously. They are moist and tasty and have a dollop of frosting on top. I love them. I hadn't encountered pumpkin cookies until I met my husband in college. And, obviously, I'm hooked.

My Mom always made pumpkin bars when I lived at home. Mmmm. She would slice through the thick deliciousness and serve up a wedge of yummy that tasted just like fall. The cream cheese frosting put the whole thing over the top. YUM.

As you can see, I love fall-y foods. Pumpkin cookies, pumpkin bars, pumpkin bread, pumpkin pie ... yeah pretty much everything with pumpkin. And then there's cinnamon! Snickerdoodles, cinnamon rolls, cinnamon bread ... I absolutely love the sweet treats that accompany fall and welcome us into winter.

And, while I love me some good pumpkin and cinnamon, my favorite cookies to make when the days get chilly are Russian Tea Cakes.

Of course, in my classy and refined household, we refer to them as "Snowballs".

I loved making these as a kid and I still love to make them as an adult. The powdered sugar and real butter melt in your mouth and I always stash an M&M in the center to finish off the experience with a bit of chocolate. Because every good experience should be finished off with a bit of chocolate, in my book. The true recipe includes walnuts, which I don't exactly love, so I just omit the walnut and toss in the M&M. An adequate trade, in my opinion.

So! What about you? What is your favorite treat of the season?


  1. My mother-in-law makes a killer apple/cranberry crisp when we visit in the fall. It is the perfect finale to an afternoon of football watching and chili eating!

  2. Pumpkin Pie is always wonderful. I am looking forward to making my yummy fruit salad which consists of strawberry jello, cool whip, oranges, banana,pineapple and pecans, Soooooo good!!!

  3. Well, pumpkin ANYTHING! And tis the season for the crockpot and soup making. Finish it off with something warm from the oven and snuggling on the couch - who doesn't love that?!