Wednesday, September 16, 2009


When Josh and I were first married, I distinctly remember my vain attempts to decorate the house for fall. Having never been a homeowner before, I was a little overwhelmed with the somewhat daunting task of making our home seem warm and cozy and, well, fall-ish. I love fall, and I wanted to make sure everyone knew it.

After some frustrating encounters with piles of raffia, the end product made it seem as though a scarecrow exploded in our house. Raffia on the cupboards. Raffia on the shelves. Raffia on the kitchen table. Raffia on the front door. Raffia raffia raffia. 

And, what's worse, I don't even like raffia. Or scarecrows.

So, over the years, I have learned that less is more. A subtle change here or there can make a difference without going overboard. And, given this month's financial crunch (notice below post), I didn't exactly have superfluous cash lying around to haul off to Pottery Barn. 

Now our home feels fall-ish and cozy. And our wallets feel comfortable, too. :)

1) Magnolia wreath from Target

2) "Be Thankful" candle from the Yankee Candle Store

3) Gourds from our local grocery store

4) And, well, some stinkin' cute plaid pajama pants in fall colors. This little decoration tops them all!

Happy fall, everyone.

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  1. Decorating for fall seems so different from the other seasons, I think...a cozy house is such a nice thing to live in!